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JTAG programming software
Boundary Scan JTAG

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Standard Features:

» Test Execution
» Test Flow Control
» Diagnostics
» Debug
» Data Logging
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Optional Capabilities:

» Advanced Diagnostics
» C++ and Libraries
» Network Licensing

Hardware Options:

» UltraTAP
» PCI ScanLab
» Parallel Port

Remote Command Interface (RCI) Enables EclipseTM and Scan ExecutiveTM to Easily Integrate into Most Design and Test Environments

RCI is an optional extension to the Eclipse Scripting Language that reduces the effort involved in integrating Eclipse into existing Design and Test Environments. RCI eliminates the need to develop and integrate complex C++ code. Today, developing and testing PCB and systems is too complex and one vendor cannot possibly provide every tool necessary in the entire flow. This requires that design and test engineers write code to integrate disparate tools into a flow. RCI simplifies this and enables any language or application, capable of making standard Windows or UNIX socket calls, to be integrated into the Eclipse or Scan Executive flow without C++ development.

     "The Eclipse RCI, Remote Command Interface, provides an open architecture for adding custom capabilities in C/C++ not found in other 1149.1 tools. I was able to quickly develop my own code without linking in 'scan function' libraries."     
John Egan
ASIC Design Engineer
Princeton Video Image

RCI Capabilities

Simplifies Tool Integration

  • RCI requires no compiled code so faster debug of integrated tool flow

Integration is reusable

  • Changes in Eclipse do not impact integration, no "Scan Function" library changes to re-link

Backward compatibility

  • No .cpp/.h file re-generation for BSDL changes or test program re-compiling and linking

Removes dependency on compilers

  • RCI is built on industry standard scripting language

Easier maintenance

  • Less costly solution to develop and maintain because no need for C++ API and libraries
  • Links to industry standard applications
  • Link to Visual Basic applications, LabWindows or LabView, HP VEE or any custom application