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Boundary-Scan Test with Digital I/O for MCMs, cPCI, PCI and other small PCBs 

The RCT-II provides the best price-performance ratio in the industry for engineers who want to debug and test small PCBs with edge fingers or connectors.   The RCT-II enables 'opens' testing to interface ICs by providing the necessary stimulus and observaton of digital signals going from the IC to the edge connector.  Without the RCT-II, 1149.1 alone will not cover 'opens' because boundary-scan tests require at least one driver and one receiver per net for opens test. 

     "The RCT-II has been instrumental in helping us debug and test our Sparc based processor modules."     
Paul Lumauig
Test Engineering Manager
Sun Microsystems

The EclipseTM Test Development Environment provides both 1149.1 serial and digital I/O patterns to coordinate testing not only IC-to-IC interconnects but also IC to edge connector.  The ATPG patterns enable you to test and diagnose opens to the connector and shorts between non-boundary-scan nets and boundary-scan nets.

             RCT-II w/ production interface


RCT-II is Industry's Best Value for Benchtop Boundary-Scan Test of small PCBs and MCMs

  • RCT-II provides 640 digital I/O key for testing opens through edge and other interface connectors 
  • RCT-II is a More Effective Debug Platform than In-Circuit Test (ICT) for Complex Digital PCB's 
  • A single DUT interface for industry standard PCBs such as cPCI and PCI is all that is needed for complete boundary-scan interconnect test.  No fixtures needed.
  • RCT-II is Part of Intellitech's Complete Debug and Test Solution
  • Extremely Flexible Pin Configurations
  • 5V and 3.3V pins
  • Small Footprint
  • Streamlined Performance for Manufacturing Environment
  • Optional DUT cards: CompactPCI, 64/32 bit PCI, Custom PCB interfaces available.