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64 bit PCI DUT board 

The 64 bit PCI DUT board is used to add edge connector connectivity tests for PCI daughter boards.  4 wire boundary-scan tests on PCI daughter cards are not able to test and detect 'opens' that may be present between the BGA device on the card and the 64/32bit PCI bus.  Digital I/O drivers are needed on each connector finger in order to drive and sense logic values to the interface ICs of the daughter card.  The RCT-II in conjunction with the 64bit PCI DUT interface applies parallel test patterns in coordination with the 1149.1 serial test patterns.  

 Intellitech's ATPG tool automatically creates serial and parallel vectors for application by the RCT-II.   The 64bit PCI interface and the RCT is a must for any engineer testing these daughter cards with boundary-scan.  Since all PCI board types have a common interface, they can all be tested with the 64bit PCI DUT board without building a seperate fixture for each card.  Everything you need is ready for you including additional user defined digital I/O and power supplies for your UUT.

The standard 64 bit PCI interface safely powers the board at 3.3V or 5.0V, connects digital I/O to edge connections, and drives boundary-scan on the TAP signals. (large photo)

64 Bit PCI DUT