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Optimize ICT Resources with PCI ScanLabTM

Intellitech's PCI ScanLab Tester is a cost-effective alternative for digital testing of standard PCI circuit boards.

Many PCI cards use Ball Grid Array BGA and Surface Mount (SMT) parts. These devices limit test access on the PCB and impact the ability of traditional In Circuit Test Equipment (ICT) to effectively perform digital test.

Intellitech's ScanLab PCI Tester is a cost-effective replacement for traditional ICT when testing PCI PCBs. Incorporating proper IEEE 1149.1 Design for Test (DFT) techniques on PCI cards eliminates the need to perform digital test on expensive "pogo-pin" or bed-of-nails-based ICT equipment. PCI ScanLab supports high-volume manufacturing test for 1149.1 compliant PCI cards.

Test costs can be lowered further with the EclipseTM Test Development Environment. Eclipse provides design and test engineers with a comprehensive set of powerful tools that they can use to bring up and debug new designs as well as automatically create and validate high fault coverage 1149.1-based PCB test suites for PCI PCBs.

Replace your ICT when testing PCI PCB's
PCI Scan Lab

Cost-effective PCI Board Test

  • ScanLab supports both 5.0 volt and 3.3 volt 32 bit PCI cards
  • Built-in power-supply
  • PCI ScanLab reduces ICT fixture costs by eliminating the need for designers to add test points
  • PCI ScanLab and Eclipse provides a cost-effective platform to bring-up and debug PCI-based designs
  • Eclipse and PCI ScanLab enable high coverage tests and diagnostics that cover bridging and open faults on PCI-based PCBs
  • PCI ScanLab provides high-performance test application time
  • PCI ScanLab has 330 programmable IO pins (5.0 volt and 3.3 volt) parallel I/O lines to facilitate additional stimulus and observation points for higher test coverage
  • PCI ScanLab supports in-system FLASH programming, FPGA configuration, memory test, at-speed IC BIST on PCI cards