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Xilinx parallel cable Altera Byteblaster
Xilinx parallel cable Altera Byteblaster
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Xilinx Parallel Cable or Altera ByteBlaster for JTAG 1149.1

Intellitech also provides a low-cost, low-speed solution for applying IEEE 1149.1 tests using the IEEE 1284 parallel port of a personal computer.   The normal 1284 parallel port printer handshaking is overridden and 5 pins of the PC printer port become the 1149.1 signals, TCK, TMS, TDI, TDO and TRST.  The EclipseTM Test Development Environment can be configured such that a PC's parallel port can be used to apply test vectors, CPLD/FPGA bitstreams, and FLASH data to devices, boards, or systems that are IEEE 1149.1 compliant.

The Eclipse Test Development Environment parallel port driver provides good performance for interconnect testing and CPLD/FPGA programming.  It has acceptable performance for  programming small FLASH devices using EXTEST on short boundary-scan chains in a prototyping environment.  (For faster FLASH programming use either the patented Fast Access Controller technology over parallel port or the UltraTAP Intelligent Test Controller .)

The Intellitech parallel port cable, PP-CABLESET, supports the optional IEEE 1149.1 TRST pin, two independent boundary-scan chains and a discrete output for direct access to FLASH write enables (WE).  This cable is suitable for 5V and 3.3V UUTs with 5V tolerant inputs.  

Eclipse is also compatible with standard printer port FPGA/CPLD programming pods from Altera and Xilinx.  These low cost cables provide buffering and voltage control over the PC's parallel port.  The specifications of the Xilinx PCIV is at Xilinx Parallel Cable. The Altera ByteBlaster specification and pod schematic is at Altera ByteBlaster



  • Lowest cost IEEE 1149.1 based test and configuration
  • Reasonable performance with IEEE 1284 standard PC parallel port
  • Easy to configure with Eclipse Test Development Environment
  • Compatible with Intellitech cable, Xilinx Parallel Cable III, Xilinx Parallel Cable IV and Altera ByteBlaster