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JTAG programming software
Boundary Scan JTAG

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Standard Features:

» Test Execution
» Test Flow Control
» Diagnostics
» Debug
» Data Logging
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Optional Capabilities:

» Advanced Diagnostics
» C++ and Libraries
» Network Licensing

Hardware Options:

» UltraTAP
» PCI ScanLab
» Parallel Port

Scan ExecutiveTM Data Logging Helps Improve Manufacturing Yield

Intellitech has developed a uniform methodology for tracking failing units during the manufacturing test process. Scan Executive's data logging capabilities enable a manufacturing organization to monitor an individual unit through the production test cycle. For example, at the beginning of a test, the operator can specify the lot type and serial numbers of the units being tested. By specifying a lot type, an operator can begin testing a series of units with the understanding if they are new or have already gone through the test and rework sequence.

Scan Executive also logs the serial number of each unit being tested. This permits manufacturing personnel to quickly access to a unit's entire test history. Repeated failures on a single serial number could indicate a systemic manufacturing yield problem for a particular unit.

Flexible Data Logging Mechanisms

Lot Type Tracking

The user can define thirty-six unique lot types. Supervisors can direct operator actions such as requiring the lot type to be defined at the beginning of a test sequence using Scan Executive's supervisory control capabilities.

Serial Number Tracking

Units can have up to sixty-four character serial numbers which assures that high-volume products can be tracked and individual error reports created based on the their serial numbers.

Benefits of Scan Executive Data Logging

  • Manufacturing trends can be spotted and yield improved because of Scan Executive's data logging capabilities
  • A unit's entire test history can be created with Scan Executive
  • Scan Executive has the flexibility to support most manufacturing environments regardless of volume and product type