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JTAG programming software
Boundary Scan JTAG

» Scan Exec Brochure

» Eclipse Family Overview » Test Development
» Manufacturing Test
» Diagnostics and Repair

Standard Features:

» Test Execution
» Test Flow Control
» Diagnostics
» Debug
» Data Logging
Schematic Debugger
Physical Debugger

Optional Capabilities:

» Advanced Diagnostics
» C++ and Libraries
» Network Licensing

Hardware Options:

» UltraTAP
» PCI ScanLab
» Parallel Port

Intellitech provides a Networking Licensing Model to Meet Our Customers' Diverse Needs

Design and Test Software is an essential to companies who develop and bring new electronic products to market. Besides technologically advanced features companies require software that has a flexible usage model and high-quality support. For all of its software products, Intellitech adopted a Flexible Network Licensing Model that uses the industry standard FLEXlmTM License Manager. Intellitech software can easily reside with other software from major EDA companies including: Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Synplicity, Xilinx currently use FLEXlm. FLEXlm provides an easy-to-use and familiar setup and control environment for IT and CAD management personnel.

     "High quality board and system test, and effective board and system debug, are essential in ensuring the reliability and availability of Sun Microsystem's products. Intellitech's Eclipse and scan-based test is critical to meeting this goal. Sun has used, and is continuing to use, Eclipse on products ranging from processor modules to Enterprise servers. We have found Eclipse from Intellitech to be a flexible, cost effective test solution, which is deployed throughout Sun Microsystems as a part of Sun's test process."     
Scott Davidson
Manager DFT Technology
Sun Microsystems
     Digital PCB tests pin faults BGA diagnostics at-speed tests

In many cases, a single floating license can be utilized more efficiently than node locked licenses. Floating licenses also enable 24x7 World-Wide continuous Inter-departmental product usage.

Network Licensing Benefits

  • All inclusive Licensing model - all the test and programming features are included
  • Eclipse databases, scripts and file formats are cross platform compatible across Unix and Win32 platforms
  • Since '98, Eclipse Uses Industry Standard FLEXlm licensing
  • Easy-to-use and familiar setup, control and use of licenses for IS/CCAD management.
  • Eclipse installation on centralized server possible
  • Provides single centralized software update
  • Multiple Eclipse versions can co-exist
  • Network Licensing is cross-platform compatible (Solaris/Windows)
  • Previously compiled databases, projects and other Eclipse binaries can be read by new versions of Eclipse and ScanExecutive
  • Backward compatibility is key for reducing support in manufacturing