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JTAG programming software
Boundary Scan JTAG

asset intertech scanworks

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Standard Features:

BSDL Library
Schematic Debug
» Visual Fault Analysis
» Timing Diagram
» TCL Scripting Language

Tests & Programming
Scan Path Test
Interconnect Pin Fault
Memory Test
» FLASH Programming
» ScanWorks®

Analog Instrument
VISA Instrument Control
GPIB IEEE 488 Control

1149.1/.6 Interconnect
Interconnect Diagnostics
Vector Translator
C++ and Libraries
LabView/TestStand VI
Network Licensing

WGL Vector Support
Simulation Interface

Hardware Options:

UltraTAP JTAG Controller
PT100Pro Production Tester
PT100 Multiport JTAG
RCT Benchtop Tester
Digilent HS2-JTAG
Intel/Altera ByteBlaster
Xilinx USB Cable II

» Eclipse Brochure

» Eclipse Family Overview
» Test Development
» Manufacturing Test
» Diagnostics and Repair

ScanWorks® Diagnostics from ASSET-Intertech

The Eclipse family of products support application of tests created with the ASSET-Intetech ScanWorks® product. Tests are executed and failure information is written in a compatible format for the ScanWorks diagnostic engine. SWDiagnose, the ScanWorks Diagnostic engine is then launched from within Eclipse/Scanexecutive and the results displayed or logged. The integration of ScanWorks tests with Eclipse/Scanexecutive enables customers to mix and match the capabilities from two leading 1149.1 vendors. Customers can develop tests in ScanWorks and then export them to be applied with Intellitech's on-board SystemBIST PCB self-test product or Intellitech's massively concurrent 1149.1/TAP based tester, PT100 for production test or Environmental Stress Screening. These platforms offer technical advantages over the PCI-400 controller and with lower price points.

ScanWorks Test types supported: Scan Path Verify, Interteconnect, Memory and Cluster - any tests that uses the ScanWorks Diagnostic Engine.

Status Window with ScanWorks Diagnostic Engine output





ScanWorks is a registered trademark of ASSET-Intertech.