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Multi-PCB Interconnect with CircuitMerge

CircuitMerge provides an alternative way to integrate CAD data needed by the Eclipse Board Interconnect Test ATPG software.  The BIT ATPG software has support for 'hierarchy', netlists can contain devices that themselves contain a netlist.   This approach is needed when the UUT (Unit Under Test) contains schematic designs from multiple sources, such as Systems, boards with MCMs, and boards with daughter cards. 

An alternative method of 'merging' the netlists can be performed by CircuitMerge.  The software is particularly useful when no top level netlist of the UUT exists, such a system with multiple PCB slots.  CircuitMerge is also useful when a PCB is from a third party and a proper netlist cannot be obtained.  CircuitMerge provides the capability of creating the merged (or "flattened") netlist from just the BSDLs and the PCB interface I/O. CircuitMerge has multiple merging capabilities including a full merge, physical connections only, or physical interface, and UUT only.

CircuitMerge is ideal for automatically creating a netlist
for MCM and Multi-board systems


  • Reduction of test vector numbers and the amount of test time
  • Scrollable lists of target and merge connector devices. Point and click allows connecting multiple pairs of connections for complex interfaces.
  • Simple GUI allows 3 types of merge (Union, Intersection, and Target/Connected Union)
  • Connector pin remapping
  • Available for Windows(9x/NT) and Solaris (V2.5 and up) operating systems


CircuitMerge is a trademark of Intellitech Corporation.