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JTAG programming software
Boundary Scan JTAG

» Scan Exec Brochure

» Eclipse Family Overview
» Test Development
» Manufacturing Test
» Diagnostics and Repair

Standard Features:

» Test Execution
» Test Flow Control
» Diagnostics
» Debug
» Data Logging
» Supervisor Controls
» ScanWorks®

Optional Capabilities:

» Advanced Diagnostics
» C++ and Libraries

» Network Licensing
» Labview Interface

Hardware Options:

» PT100
» JAF Pro
» UltraTAP
» PCI ScanLab

Supervisor Controls

Scan Executive has a secure multi-level login procedure similar to that of a corporate network. This enables a Scan Executive users have individual accounts with corresponding system privileges.

Supervisor Mode

The most powerful account in the Scan ExecutiveTM Test Station is the Supervisor, which possesses full system privileges. The Supervisor can create, remove, and change other user's system privileges similar to a super user on a Windows or UNIX network.

These privileges enable the user access to certain functions such as, controlling the test hardware, editing files for the Unit Under Test (UUT), modifying Test Scripts or changing real-time data such as UUT lot types.

Operator mode

The operator mode essentially has the lowest level of capabilities in the Scan Executive account hierarchy. It is a 'safe' mode with access to data at the level provided for by the Root user. For example, an operator may be restricted to enter a UUT's serial number to run a test. If subsequent action such as debug is required, then another level of login or privilege maybe required.

Having multiple levels of login and control prevents costly errors because Scan Executive supervisors can lockout unintended program changes and can preset operator outcomes for all common events.

In the Scan Executive Supervisory mode privileges are granted such as:

  • User Account Setup (login names, passwords, privilege level)
  • Set up hardware interface control and configuration
  • Define the steps in test process (example: require that the operator enter serial number of the UUT before testing begins, etc.)
  • Redirect failures to screen, printer, or an Eclipse Debug Utility
  • Lockout the ability to edit tests and configuration suites