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Boundary Scan JTAG


Production PCB Combinational Tester

The JAF Pro combines ARM Functional Test, Analog Test and Boundary Scan in one platform for testing up to 32 PCBs at a time

The JAF Pro solves the test challenges and cost requirements of testing small, high-volume PCBs used in the home, mobile, entertainment, automotive and embedded markets.  PCBs in these markets are cost sensitive yet require high volume, high fault coverage on leading edge technologies such as WiFi, DDR Memory, USB, Bluetooth, Nand Flash, MPEG decoders, Power Management Units, and MMC/Smart Cards interfaces.  Miniaturization makes traditional test point access to both digital and analog nets difficult or impossible.


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        The JAF Pro is targeted for small, low power PCBs that have one or more ARM® based processors.  ARM based processors make up about 75% of all 32 bit processors sold and exist in 95% of all cell phones.  The manufacturing volumes in this category of PCBs prohibit single boundary-scan or single emulation controller approaches to test.

Functional Test through ARM® emulation port

The JAF Pro enables concurrent JTAG tests (all tests run simultaneously in hardware) and concurrent functional tests (through the CPU’s JTAG emulation port) using Intellitech’s patented CJTAG technique.  Mixed signal measurements and stimulus are provided by the tester’s built in PXI instrumentation rack.  The JAF Pro’s at-speed functional test for ARM based cores adds a capability not found on in-circuit testers.   In-circuit testers don’t understand the internal ARM core workings in order to facilitate at-speed processor based tests.     Intellitech’s ‘one-pass’ concurrent test gives you simultaneous test results, simultaneous diagnostics without the need to re-run tests on failing UUTs.
The tester’s small foot print, high throughput and low cost makes it a cost effective replacement for in-circuit test in the production test line.

Watch the video of the PT100 Pro here:PCB Test Video

ARM Emulation

PXI Based JAF Pro


ScanExecutive Software tracks all testing results by serial number


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The JAF Pro is the winner of Best in Test Honorable Mention Award for 2008 from the editors of Test and Measurement World






























32 1149.1 Concurrent Controllers

Reduce Test and on-PCB programming times. Read more about the internal PT100 Controller

IEEE 1149.1-2013 IJTAG PDL Executes tests for Silicon Instruments using industry standard IEEE 1149.1-2013. Execute at-speed tests for SERDES, DDR etc.
ARM Emulation + Boundary-Scan Execute at-speed ARM based functional tests in conjunction with at-speed and slow-speed JTAG tests
iTestNet Intellitech's iTestNet cloud based data collection allows you to remotely monitor and collect production test data
Everett Charles VG Interface Accepts industry standard fixtures with pneumatic air control

Internal 19" internal PXI Chassis

Accepts industry standard PXI cards
upto 1870 test points Test points for digital, JTAG and analog tests
Integrated DMM UUT power measurements, powered off shorts/opens measurement
Integrated CPU/Monitor Integrated CPU subsystem with touch screen/bar code reader
20"x25" footprint Small shop floor foot print
  Download the brochure for more details
























JAF is a registered trademark of Intellitech Corp. JAF Pro was formerly called PT100 Pro.