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JTAG 1149.1

UltraTAP JTAG/1149.1 Features

Dual Test Access Port (TAP) Interfaces - UltraTAP has two independent TAP controllers to enable it to interface with multiple TAP controllers on a single board or with single controllers on two distinct boards.

Digital I/O support - UltraTAP provides 16 independent lines to allow users to monitor and control other pins on their PCBs during test and debug sessions.

Variable Voltage Levels - UltraTAP's default interface supports: 3.3V and 5V. In addition, the UltraTAP interface can support any voltage level from 1.8V to 5.5V by supplying power directly from the Unit Under Test (UUT). Powering the UltraTAP interface circuitry from the UUT can protect the most sensitive circuitry from back-powering when the UUT is shut down. Note, the Intellitech consulting services organization has developed custom low voltage interfaces for customers who have unique requirements.

External Triggering - UltraTAP can be controlled by external test equipment such as logic analyzers or scopes to allow users to debug complex test programs. This feature is essential for system debug as it is often necessary to conditionally observe the electrical impact of your test programs on the UUT by using complex lab equipment. UltraTAP can accept any TTL level signal to drive the trigger input. Using the Eclipse Test Development software the trigger input's impedance is selectable (50 ohms or 10K ohms). The UltraTAP unit can be programmed to produce a rising or falling edge in response to trigger input to activate remote equipment.

Easy Hardware Setup - UltraTAP can be configured using the EclipseTM Test Development Environment GUI or through the Eclipse Scripting Language (ESL). Using either of these methods, users can control the UltraTAP hardware - TAP voltage, test signal delays, trigger signal impedance, clocking and the states of the digital I/O.

Cables - UltraTAP comes standard with a two-meter high speed PCI cable and a 50-pin interface cable to connect the UltraTAP to the UUT.

Industry Standard PCI Drivers - Through its partnership with National Instruments, Intellitech is able to provide industry standard hardware interfaces and drivers for PCI, cPCI, PXI and PCMCIA.

Proven Architecture - UltraTAP has been successfully used to configure, test and debug complex products ranging from: ATE, the latest networking and telecom switching systems, military and space related boards, and large multi-processor computer systems so it has the required feature set needed to test and configure the most complex systems.