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Boundary Scan JTAG

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What is the best JTAG tool?

“I like the fact that Intellitech has good overall long term vision for IEEE 1149.x based test. They are not just reacting to what I need at the moment....Support has been one of the best I've ever encountered from a vendor...We truly feel that Intellitech helps us deliver a better product to our customers..." Read the full interview



Jake Haddock
Alta Data Technologies



“We’re using Intellitech’s PT100Pro with FlashJETT in our production to program two different microcontrollers on four  PCBs at a time. It is no longer business as usual in the auto industry.  We must use new solutions which provide the most value for our budget.   Intellitech’s FlashJETT solution enables us to achieve production line throughput while simultaneously meeting our cost objectives”



Nagabhushana Shastry SMT Manager Continental Automotive Components

JTAG automotive  

... The Intellitech solution was the clear winner in terms of usability, test development speed, fault coverage, cost and customer support. Their diagnostic module provides a great advantage in the way it provides visual cues identifying faults by displaying them in the schematic and on the PCB layout as to where defects may exist.”. Read More

Richard Smith
                                                Manager of Test / Manufacturing and Reliability Engineering

  We had boards that had ‘passed’ ICT and boundary-scan tests at the CM, but were non-functional.  Intellitech’s innovative multi-processor fault coverage covered interconnects missed by the CM’s tests. Read More  
Joe Gagnier, Manager, Unisys


"We chose Intellitech's PT100 PCB tester because it enables us to program and test many PCB cards concurrently. The PT100 enables us to expand the number of tet channels as our production needs grow, protecting our invetment for many years to come. Concurrent test lowers our overall cost of test and FLASH programming when compared to ICT. "


Marcus Andrade, CEO, VTEC


     "Intellitech’s Parallel Test Bus provides us with a system level test architecture that is important for the reliability and quality we need in our products.”     
Pete Marconi 
VP of Systems Engineering
 Axiowave Networks

     "In our market, system cost is an important factor in our customer's decision process. Xalted selected Intellitech's SystemBIST and Concurrent JTAG Architecture in order to lower our FPGA configuration and system test costs."     

Robert D. Connolly V.P. Product Engineering Xalted Information Systems (India)


     "Placing pads for test based on physical access is no longer an option for us; it increases PCB layout time and decreases routing efficiency.  Intellitech's boundary-scan technology allows us to continue to get high digital test fault coverage without test pads."     
Zack Matisis
Chief Engineer
LTX Corporation

     "We surveyed the three major players in the PC based 1149.1/JTAG test market and after an objective comparison of the tools, Intellitech's Eclipse Diagnostic System had the “ease-of-use” features we needed for prototype and production test. The Schematic Logic Probe and Visual Fault Analyzer provide a design and physical topography necessary for locating and debugging faults.”      
Alex Brook
New Products Technology
     teradyne genrad ICT

     "Sun Microsystems has a long history of innovative Design-for-Test that allows us to quickly debug prototypes and deliver quality products to our customers. Intellitech's Eclipse and scan-based test is critical for Sun and is used on UltraSparc processors to large scale Sun Servers. Eclipse has the features we need for system debug and test. Intellitech provides the license flexibility we need to control tool costs as well as deploy scan-based test throughout the company and our CM partners world-wide."     
Scott Davidson
Manager DFT Technology
Sun Microsystems

     "The engineers here at IMS have years of experience in developing leading edge Automatic Test Equipment. That same expertise was used when we chose our 1149.1 based ATE provider. We found Intellitech's products had the features we needed for fast prototype debug and comprehensive test of our densely populated PCB's. The products offered an excellent value. I would not hesitate to recommend them."     
John Liebengood
Project Leader
IMS - a Credence Company

     "We conducted in-house evaluations of the leading boundary-scan test tools on the market and Intellitech provided the best value. We placed a significant value on the features needed for rapid debug of prototypes as time lost with test software not suitable for this would be costly. We also desired fast test application and in-system programming times as longer test times affect the overall product cost."     
Adrian Torres
Lead Engineer
Redwave Networks

     "The Eclipse RCI, Remote Command Interface, provides an open architecture for adding custom capabilities in C/C++ not found in other 1149.1 tools. I was able to quickly develop my own code without linking in 'scan function' libraries."     
John Egan
ASIC Design Engineer
Princeton Video Image

     "The RCT-II has been instrumental in helping us debug and test our Sparc based processor modules."     
Paul Lumauig
Test Engineering Manager
Sun Microsystems

     "I started to design my new PCB with XC1800 series configuration PROMS, I changed my design to use SystemBISTTM for on-board FPGA configuration and embedded test when I saw the cost and test benefits for LTX."     
Zack Matisis
Chief Engineer
LTX Corporation

Our customers are saying...

"Our Orion modem emulation board has several high I/O components that are not easily accessible via standard methods of probing. In order to facilitate PCB verification the Intellitech Eclipse products were chosen for interactive design debug and automated testing of the IC interconnects. We used Intellitech TPD (Test Program Development services) to get custom tests delivered quickly. The result was that it relieved valuable engineering resources that are needed to continue with the next phase of the design."

Mark Easton
Senior Hardware Staff Engineer
Conexant Systems, Inc.