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Intellitech develops products based on industry standards so our tools can easily integrate into most design and test flows. Intellitech is committed to work with industry organizations to assure this. Listed below are the organizations that Intellitech currently has membership in.

For more information about our strategic relationships, please see the Strategic Relationships section.

EDA Consortium (Electronic Design Automation Consortium)

The EDA Consortium is an international association of companies who provide electronic design automation (EDA) tools to the electronics engineering community. Its mission is to promote the EDA industry by increasing the awareness and perceived value of EDA tool usage and by addressing industry-wide issues.

VSI Alliance (Virtual Socket Interface Alliance)

The VSI Alliance is chartered to define, develop, authorize, test, and promote open standard specifications relating to data formats, test methodologies, and interfaces. In order to control the standardization of growth in the electronics industry, the VSI Alliance has specific focus on the efficient use, and re-use, of IC functions/electronic circuit functions (otherwise known as IP, intellectual property).

IMAPS (International Microelectronics and Packaging Society)

Being a combination of ISHM (The Microelectronics Society) and IEPS (International Electronic Packaging Society), the IMAPS committee is concerned with increasing the use of microelectronics and microelectronic packaging through the support of technological standards. The New England Chapter website is located at: