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Intellitech PT100 Parallel Tester wins 

“Best-in-Test” 2004 Award for PCB Test



Intellitech CEO CJ Clark accepts Best-In-Test Award from TMW’s Rick Nelson


Durham, NH  April 7, 2004 —   Intellitech’s PT100 Parallel Tester was selected in the PCB Test category of Test and Measurement World magazine’s prestigious “Best-In-Test” 2004 award.  Test & Measurement World magazine issues the annual "Best in Test" award to companies that demonstrate technical innovation in the products they bring to the test and measurement marketplace.  According to Test and Measurement World, these products represent the best test products released between November 1st 2002 and October 31st 2003.  After reviewing approximately 120 products, Test and Measurement World's technical editors collectively selected the winning products in each industry using the following criteria.  The products had to advance significantly the field of test and measurement technology in the industries in which the products are used. In addition, the products' new and unique features had to surpass other similar products in the marketplace.

"It's a great honor to be recognized by Test and Measurement World, which is considered a definitive editorial source for the test and measurement industry", said CJ Clark, President and CEO of Intellitech.  "This award also reinforces Intellitech's leadership position to advance IEEE 1149.1 test and configuration technology worldwide.”  “We listened as our customers described the problems they faced when testing PCBs with long FLASH programming and boundary-scan test times" explains Clark, “In-Circuit Test was becoming more of the bottleneck for throughput and a higher cost area for PCB test.”   “Then, we worked with our customers to provide them with an innovative solution that solved these problems.  What we found from customers was, contrary to what vendors were offering that by separating boundary-scan test and FLASH programming from ICT, higher efficiencies of ICT could be achieved and boundary-scan tests could be optimized to test many PCBs in parallel.   That is, the PT100 approach is to parallelize the PCBs for test, not add more test equipment to make parallelized production lines.  Our efforts resulted in four patents filed world-wide, one has been granted and the three others still pending.  Customers have already found additional uses for the PT100 in environmental test where large numbers of PCBs need to be tested in parallel over 48 and 72 hours.”

Introduced at the International Test Conference in September 2003, Intellitech’s PT100 Parallel Tester is a rack mount tester that is designed to expand to test as many PCBs as needed based on a patent-pending formula for managing the test and handling time.  Using the formula, only testing a small number of PCBs in parallel, a single PT100 system can keep up with the volume of PCBs from the fastest production lines.   A single PT100 module can test and perform on-board programming for sixteen PCBs in parallel prior to or in-conjunction with a functional test strategy.  It can be fully integrated with LabView, PXI and GPIB instruments to provide a all-in-one solution for testing and configuring PCBs. (e.g. programming non-volatile ICs). 


More information can be found at http://www.intellitech.com/products/paralleltest.asp

A white paper entitled “New Strategies for cost effective PCB configuration and test” can be found at http://www.intellitech.com/registered/download_document2.asp?pdf=pt100_white_paper



About Intellitech

Intellitech's TEST-IPTM family provides patented and patent-pending infrastructure IP that enables customers to lower the cost of designing, debugging, producing and maintaining electronic systems.  Intellitech's proprietary solutions enable customers to build self-testable and in-the-field re-configurable products with the least amount of engineering resources and at the lowest cost.  Intellitech lowers production costs by embedding test or enabling parallel test of electronic assemblies during production test and burn-in.  The unified test and configuration approach enables customers to lower manufacturing test costs, provide field adaptable products and retard product obsolescence with field upgrade-able logic.

The TEST-IP Intellectual Property is coupled with the Eclipse Scan-Based Diagnostic and Test tools to provide a powerful combination software-hardware tools for automatic test pattern generation, debug, and validation prior to embedding test and configuration data into the customer's product or passing to the PT100 production tester.

Intellitech Corp. is focused on providing a complete customer solution early during the design phase that ensures success. The engineering and support team is dedicated only to providing a comprehensive low cost configuration and test strategy for the entire product. Over the years, the company has been successful in being the first-to-market and driving major technology changes in IEEE 1149.1 based configuration, debug and test.  Intellitech’s PT100 Parallel Tester received the prestigious Test and Measurement World Editor’s Best-in-Test 2004 award.

Intellitech's customer base ranges from companies providing the latest networking products to ATE companies providing cutting edge semiconductor testers, from semiconductor manufacturers to space related companies providing satellites to large computer companies delivering multi-processor systems. The company's broad product selection, strong support team, and compelling value proposition have resulted in solid profitability and a strong balance sheet. Intellitech has sales and support offices located in Durham, NH, Mountain View, CA, Ottawa, Canada, and Munich, Germany.