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EDA Industry

Intellitech products are interoperable with Synopsys design and test flows. NEBULA and Eclipse products offer built in diagnostics for TetraMAX generated ATPG patterns. To assure continued interoperability Intellitech has been a member of the Synopsys In-SynchTM program for more than five years.


Intellitech is a member of Cadence's Connections program. NEBULA and Eclipse product families are compatible with Cadence Encounter Test ATPG and Diagnostics. STIL and WGL patterns from Cadence tools can be applied to the IC when in-system with robust diagnostics. Please see Cadence Connections.

Intellitech PCB Level tools read EDIF from Cadence Orcad and read the native PSTXXXX.DAT files from Cadence Concept.

The Intellitech TEST-IP product family provides customers with infrastructure IP to make their products "anytime" self-testable and in the field upgradeable. Intellitech and Cadence have developed a powerful, easy-to-use, and well-integrated FPGA design and simulation flow. The combination of Cadence® NC-VHDL, NC-Verilog®, and NC-Sim simulation environments and Synplify FPGA synthesis meets the needs of Intellitech customers. (see full story)

Intellitech products support designs that include LogicVision ICBIST. Sun Microsystems, TRW and BOEING have successfully built products using Intellitech and LogicVision tools concurrently.

Intellitech products are able to directly read the output of Mentor Graphics Schematic capture and PCB tools. Intellitech products also support designs that use the Mentor BIST test methodology and tools.


Test Industry

Intellitech employs National Instruments interface cards in its solutions. The partnership between Intellitech and National Instruments assures stable drivers on windows platforms. Intellitech has had a volume purchase agreement with NI since 1999. NI provides custom PCI, cPCI, PXI and PCMCIA hardware interfaces for Intellitech hardware platforms.

Intellitech's tools are compatible with Teradyne's SVF and interconnect tests. In the late 1990s Intellitech and Teradyne had partnered on interconnect tests and diagnostics, establishing the first 1149.1/JTAG ATPG and diagnostics for small boards that was sub-$2K.

Everett Charles

Intellitech has partnered with ECT for providing the VG mass interconnect interface on the Intellitech PT100Pro. ECT also supplies fixtures on many customer projects.

Device Vendors

Intellitech tools can program the entire Altera family of FPGAs and CPLDs. Intellitech's SystemBIST IC can configure Altera devices via JTAG/1149.1 or 8 bit parallel bus.

Spansion FLASH can be programmed with Intellitech tools. Intellitech's patented FLASH programming technology offers the industries' fastest on-board programming solution. Spansion Flash memory is the backbone behind many of today's technology appliances including cell phones, pagers, and automotive control systems.

Numonyx FLASH can be programmed with Intellitech tools. Intellitech's patented FLASH programming technology offers the industries' fastest on-board programming solution. Numonyx offers a variety of flash memory hardware, software and packaging solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of embedded system designers.

Intellitech tools can program the entire Lattice family. Lattice Semiconductor Corporation designs, develops and markets high performance programmable logic devices, or PLDs, and related software.

Intellitech tools can program the entire Xilinx family of FPGA's and CPLD's. Intellitech's BER (Bit Error Rate ) Test IP is compatible with Xilinx SERDES connections. Intellitech's SystemBIST device can program Xilinx FPGAs through JTAG and through the 8 bit configuration bus.