JTAG and Design-for-Test (DFT) Tools donated for free

Intellitech Launches University Program with Donation to UNH

Contribution lays the foundation for education in Design-for-Testability

DURHAM, N. H. - Intellitech Corporation, a leading provider of scan-based diagnostic tools for the electronics industry, has unveiled its University Program by announcing a donation to the University of New Hampshire's Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. The department's Design Automation Laboratory (DAL) will receive Intellitech test equipment and software valued at over $370K.

The goal of the Intellitech University Program is to educate the next generation of electronic design engineers in Design for Test (DFT) and scan-based test and debug. This goal will be met by providing Intellitech test equipment to universities that have curriculum for the design and test of digital/analog circuits. Engineering students will benefit by using state-of-the-art test solutions currently used in the industry.

"Intellitech Corporation is pleased to provide our EclipseT scan-based test equipment to the UNH DAL" said CJ Clark, President and CEO of Intellitech Corporation. "As the semiconductor industry continues to design faster and denser Integrated Circuits a major portion of the cost of the IC is the test. Educating the design engineer to dedicate a portion of the IC silicon to test functions will dramatically reduce the overall cost." Mr. Clark added, "In Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, increases in PCB speeds and densities have caused reduction in sizes of IC packaging, rendering physical access for testing or probing with traditional lab equipment difficult. Design for Test and scan-based lab equipment solves this problem." Mr. Clark is a 1986 graduate of UNH and is the current chairman of the IEEE 1149.1 Working Group. IEEE 1149.1 is the Standard Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture, an industry-wide standard adopted to facilitate testing of Systems, PCBs and ICs.

UNH Professor Andrzej Rucinski, President, Marketing and Student Administration Manager of the DAL comments "Right now, the student courses are focused largely on design. This donation is a rare opportunity for the University to educate students on testability within the ECE curriculum and allow the students to be exposed to the equipment necessary to the industry. Specifically concentrating on DFT will give engineering students direct training for the skills the industry demands." Rucinski adds, "It is also an advantage to be involved with a company directly connected to the development of the IEEE 1149.1 Standard."

The Intellitech University Program is a continuous endeavor to further acquaint upcoming engineers with methodologies and solutions vital to DFT. The program will also assist with incorporating Intellitech tools within the university's existing ECE curriculum.

About Intellitech
Intellitech Corporation is a leading manufacturer of scan-based debug and test tools for SoC/ICs, PCBs and Systems. Intellitech markets its products to the electronics and semiconductor industries and its customers include some of the leading manufacturers of computers, telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics - such as Sun Microsystems and 3COM. Intellitech provides a wide range of low cost test solutions that enable its customers to deliver the highest quality products to market.

Intellitech maintains it technology leadership through active participation in industry forums. Intellitech participates in IEEE Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) conferences, workshops, and symposia and IEEE Test Standards Committees (1149.1, 1149.4, 1450, P1500 and P1532). Intellitech is also a member of EDAC and VSIA.

Intellitech has sales and support offices located in Durham, NH and San Jose, CA.

About Design Automation Laboratory
The DAL was formed to create an innovative and hands-on educational environment for the UNH ECE students. First founded by faculty and research members of the department in 1988, The DAL has since then been involved in collaborative projects with local and international industries. The mission of the DAL is to offer services "in the design and implementation of proof-of-concept prototypes, theoretical models of microelectronic systems, and design methodologies for education, research, and industrial purposes." The DAL is located at the UNH ECE Department, Rm. 213, Morse Hall, Durham.

About Eclipse Scan Based Test and Debug Systems
Intellitech's Eclipse, "Third Generation" scan based diagnostic tool, provides design and test engineers access to IEEE 1149.1 test structures at the chip, board and system level. Eclipse gives engineers the control over test hardware through an easy and comprehendible software package. Eclipse is designed to interface with Intellitech's PCI controller (Gemini), reduced contact tester (RCT-II) and PCI card tester to execute fast and efficient test and debug.